Security is essential for your Business. But the challenge is how to manage the risk and reduce your costs.

That is because security is not a one-off event. It has to work every day to keep your business safe. Otherwise, you could lose the trust of your clients and your staff.

How to keep Your Business Productive and Safe

The Cyber Risk to Office Tools

Office tools like Word and Excel, are the staple of every business. But that also makes them a target for cyber attacks. If you’re hit by one of these attacks, your business will suffer.

The challenge for business owners is how to create a work environment with the tools your staff need whilst also staying safe. This is where Microsoft 365 Business Premium can help. It allows your business to be efficient without security slowing it down.

Protect Your Inbox from Email Threats

Emails are essential but they can also let hackers into your business.

Cyber criminals often pose as trusted organisations to persuade people to hand over sensitive information. Microsoft 365 Business Premium checks the safety of links as you click them to defend against these advanced phishing attacks.

Email attachments are another potential security weakness. Malicious software is often hidden within innocent-looking documents attached to emails. To keep you safe from these threats, Microsoft 365 Business Premium uses sandbox analysis of email attachments. This spots malware and avoids it infecting your systems. 

Keep Your System Secure

Password security is not enough by itself to protect your business. Because short or simple passwords can be easily cracked. 

As a result, Microsoft 365 Business Premium protects access to your systems with advanced multi-factor authentication. So as well as a username and password, your staff will need another piece of information to access your systems, such as code sent to their mobile phone.

As cyber attacks change over time, it’s important your security adapts to protect you. That’s why Microsoft 365 Business Premium also allows anti-phishing policies based on machine learning.

Security Protection that Firts Small Business Budgets

Cyber crime can hit small businesses as well as larger ones. In fact, 58% of data breaches take place at small businesses, according to Verizon.

Whatever the size of your business, the costs from cyber crime can soon mount up. From direct losses and disruption to lost business and the security work to prevent further attacks.

Security experts Kaspersky estimate the average cost of a data breach to be £89k. As a result, it makes sense to cut the risk of a cyber security incident rather than pick up the costs of dealing with a breach. 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes enterprise-class security that’s affordable for small business budgets. It protects your data by encrypting sensitive emails and avoids unwanted people from accessing them.

To prevent the costly impact of a cyber attack, the software also blocks confidential information from being shared outside your business as well as copied or saved. That way you know your business data is only seen by the people who should have access to it.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium also provides unlimited cloud archiving so your data is safely accessible wherever your business needs it.

Guard Your Devices with Security Expertise

62% of small and medium-sized businesses lack the skills in-house to deal with security issues, according to Leaders in managed service software. 

A key challenge is how to handle the range of devices within your business. With remote working increasingly common, it can be difficult to know how your devices are being used. 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium can help your business to manage your devices and protect against inappropriate use. The software is built by leading Microsoft security experts and you can access additional support if required through Aindale and KTD.  This helps to keep your company running smoothly and safely. 

Access management controls also give you confidence that your devices are secure. The software controls who can access what business info on which devices. It allows you to apply security policies to protect data on mobile devices and even restrict company data to selected apps. 

In the worst-case scenario where a device is lost or stolen, the common fear is what will happen to your data. But with Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you can erase business data from lost or stolen devices with remote and selective wiping.

Keep Your Business Safe with Microsoft 365 Business Premium 

Every size of business is at risk from cyber criminals. However, you don’t need to have a large in-house IT team to protect your business from these attacks. 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium supported by Aindale and KTD can keep your business safe and productive on an affordable budget. 

For help to protect your business with Microsoft 365 Business Premium, give us a call on Aindale – 01484 518899 / KTD – 01539 733288.